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The Call Of Manhood

The Call Of Manhood outlines the gradual decline of men’s leadership in our current society. Not only does in acknowledge this decline, but it also inspires a call to respond to this decline by taking deliberate and consistent action.

Manly Training emphasizes the need for leadership, especially from men, in and encourages everyone to to acknowledge their individual responsibility, not only for themselves, but also for the greater good, society at large.

A Higher Calling

What would you say is your highest calling in life? Some would say family, others would say major achievements such as ministry or business success. Others would go the other extreme and say that living a life of faithfulness in secret is the manifestation of the highest calling.

John Silkauskas brings up an interesting point in a recent blog post in which he subtly challenges these notions and suggests that our highest calling is actually not in the pursuit of goals, but in the pursuit of relationship with Jesus. As said another way, our highest calling is knowing Jesus, not accomplishing things.

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

It’s an interesting question, one many have posed over the years. It’s not even a question that most give any thought whatsoever, “Does God give us more than we can handle?“.

In this blog post Christine Hyner explains how we are liberated from the life we live by coming to ends of ourselves, the end of our limits. In fact it is in this confrontation we come to realize we are dependent upon God, and it is with this awakening in mind God may give us more than we can handle, for in reality we can handle nothing on our own.

Will My Prayers Ever Get Off The Ground?

What is the point of praying?

What is the point of fasting?

There are many who have their own thoughts and opinions about both practices, but Ciara Simonson recently posted on her blog how the matter of what we do is secondary to the reason we do it.

In this post, Ciara Simonson talks about motives of our heart and that both prayer and fasting challenge us to change our habits, allowing us to live a life more focused on serving others without being so selfish.

How Do I KNOW I’m Growing Closer?

Earlier this week I came across a blog post posing an interesting question, how do I know if I’m growing closer to God, or not? Essentially this is asking us to examine ourselves, our habits, our mindsets, in order to determine if we are moving in the right direction, and if what we are doing is working.

This is particularly interesting because the underlying goal is to grow in unity and increase in our “oneness” as a collective whole, so examining if we are growing closer to God than we were say, 3 years ago, poses a bit of self-examination on our part.

CWAC, Counselors With A Cape

It’s not often we are able to work within our God-given strengths. For some people this is rare and unique, and for others it is completely normal, completely logical. This perspective of first identifying your strengths, then secondly operating within them was posed by Kylie Liddle, blogger at Counselors With A Cape.

Kylie is a school counselor and discovered her strength of empathy using Strength Finders. Knowing her strength has allowed her to capitalize on it in her daily job, listening empathetically.

Introverts And Social Networks

We all have our own opinions about online social networks. Some see them as good, while others see them as as inferior to one-on-one communication. While it’s easy to lump all of the options into one, single bucket, the reality is that some uses are better for certain tasks than others, just as certain personality types may be more inclined to connect online as opposed to making connections in real life.

With the focus of personality types utilizing one medium over another, Mark C. Ryan outlines some supplemental thoughts to also consider, as there are advantages to both online networks as well as real world connections. If you’d like to hear more from Mark, you can read more on his website or follow him on Twitter.

Black History Month

Black history month is also a celebration and acknowledgement of diversity, and the unity that can be expressed through our differences as a collective mix. If we acknowledge creativity from any people group it should not minimize the presence or the accomplishments or contributions of other people.

This kind of recognition should hope to inspire people of every race, in spite of any difficulties, hurts, or obstacles of the past. So by doing so it is not any kind of degradation of others, but rather a celebration of diversity.

Find God’s Faithfulness

It’s wonderful to find faith, hope, and courage in times of our greatest need. It’s also needed on a regular basis to help us maintain where we are and what we are going through. Regardless where we find ourselves, God’s goodness and his faithfulness never waver, diminish, or fade.

Although this is true, it may not always feel that way, which is one of the reasons why it can be so helpful to hear and read encouraging pieces reminding us of what’s really true, in spite of our feelings or present circumstances. In spite of it all, an outside voice can certainly bring a clear perspective, especially when we need it desperately.

Synergy As a Source

Synergy is a way of assembling things together in such a way as they are greater than their individual parts. A perfect example of this is a group of people. Together a group can accomplish more with unified effort, than those same individuals ever could by themself. This is the very reason we have organizations founded on accomplishing specific objectives.

This collection of assembling together is known as synergy, and can be very effective and powerful in our lives, especially when we align ourselves with positive influences. Synergizing is a known method to work together in a specific way that will boost productivity and increase effectiveness. It could even be considered a source of energy on its own, due to it multiplicative properties.

Unstoppable: 40 Keys for Chasing Your Dreams, Achieving Your Goals, and Finding God’s Best for Your Life

I’ve recently had the good fortune to connect with Daniel Colston. Since it seems there is no shortage of obstacles in our life, especially if we’re moving forward wanting to make a real difference, it’s always refreshing, and encouraging, to meet with people who are using their gifts to empower people to overcome these obstacles, especially doing so through their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Daniel has recently released a book available on Amazon for Kindle (which can also be read on other devices by using the Kindle app for free). The name of this book pretty much says it all, Unstoppable: 40 Keys for Chasing Your Dreams, Achieving Your Goals, and Finding God’s Best for Your Life, outlining timeless principles that will leave you challenged, and encouraged, while simultaneously directing you towards success.

Since it’s a digital product you can download it quickly and instantly, and it’s only $0.99, so it won’t break your budget either.

If you’d like to consume information and inspiration worth your while, feeding your mind on the direction God has for your life, go check it out.

Be sure to also check out Daniel’s other books, which you can learn about on his website, or follow him on Twitter.

Prophetic Influence

I have recently had the blessing of meeting and talking with Joey Basta in these past couple weeks. I was encouraged to here his heart for working and influencing hearts and minds on the digital forefront. His desire to use today’s present technology to influence and encourage people is truly inspiring and admirable.

Joey says his ministry, Fire Influence, is all about igniting others to be an influence in this world for both the unsaved and saved, and to do so with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If his message and vision resonates with you I encourage you to connect with him. You can find Joey on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google Plus,, and also Youtube.

The Encourager

Some people have different gifts than others. It seems Janice Roberson has the gift of writing and sharing her thoughts and insights with the rest of us. In her recent blog post, The Encourager she highlights the importance and value of both receiving, as well as giving, sincere encouragement, and the impact it can make on us.

She quotes Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Check out her Twitter account and follow Janice if you’re not doing so already.

There’s Only One Name That Saves

There’s Only One Name That Saves is a brief piece talking about the relevance we are faced with in developing and maintaining our relationships, especially one’s relationship with God.

Marius Massie gives scriptures and references explaining and elaborating on the importance of quality time and consistent behavior. Marius says about Jesus, “He gave me life, direction, new sustaining relationships, a sense of confidence and safety, a plan for my life, love that melted fear, a backbone, persistence, momentum, shelter, safety, a hug, a smile, laughter, joy, the fruit of the Spirit DESPITE horrible circumstances.”

Don’t Betray Yourself

Lana Hooks has kicked off this new year of 2016 with a post inspiring us to take a closer look at ourselves, and how we think. Breakthrough and Miracles 2016 – Don’t Betray Yourself walks you through the process of defining what a success, also known as a “breakthrough”, and inspires examination of motivations and habits.

Take a moment to hear Lana’s thoughts in this time of advancement and breakthrough. And while you’re at it why not also, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and also on Instagram too.

Daily Prophetic Word

Teresa’s recent post is a sample of a prophetic act being displayed. Another sample can be found by reading the Daily Prophetic Word, which is published daily. The Daily Prophetic Word is not poetry, but a prophetic word from the heart of The Father, offering encouragement and instruction relevant on a daily basis. It offers an insight as to what God is saying to the corporate Body of Believers, allowing people to align their hearts according to what God is saying and doing in this day and hour in groups of people.

Prophetic Act of Poetry

I have had the good fortune to come across a new blogger and writer. Teresa Marie specializes in poetry and has recently published her personal testimony entitled, He Washed Me Clean And Called Me Redeemed. She considers this not only her personal testimony but also a prophetic act since it was written before all the of these things had fully manifested in her own life. This is always quite amazing and inspiring to hear of God’s faithfulness to us, but also his foresight, able to redeem and repair things in our own lives we’ve not even perceived have been broken yet.

Help With Understanding Your Dreams

Dreams are very common, and have been documented throughout the Bible as a medium in which God will choose to communicate with people. In some cases we can interpret our own dreams and understand their meaning clearly. Other times the meaning and message communicated in the dream can be above our skill level to understand, though we may be perplexed by it. This is exactly what happened in the book of Daniel. The king had dreams, felt they were some how important, and summoned his servants to offer interpretations as to the meaning.

Such an example is a perfect model for anyone offering a dream interpretation service. Basically one person has the dream, and they work together with someone else to help bring the message to the understanding of the dreamer. The dreamer and the interpreter work together, sometimes over the course of a few hours, to understand and decipher the symbols in the dream, and come to a conclusion as to what the dream means, or is saying.

what makes Christianity unique from other religions

Of course there are many people that would disagree, but I believe Christianity is unique. In fact I believe there are a few things that make Christianity different from other religions. Perhaps the key point is the notion, or idea, of how Jesus spoke about the love of God pursuing mankind with extravagant love and grace. This notion of love and grace is one of the key teaching of Jesus that set apart Christianity from other religions, making it unique. In fact it’s one of the blocking points many people have in accepting the message, as it’s so extravagant it can be offensive, even in just in its demonstration and application.